From Carcassone to Hamburg

  • 7 May 2024
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Dear community ! I am searching for a good route to go from Carcassonne to Hamburg. I only find routes with a lot of change and too less time between I worry to not make the connections. 

i found a sleeper train from Toulouse to Paris is there a sleeper one from Paris to Hamburg? 

Thanks you for your help 🙏 safe travels 




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You should split the search to find more results. :)

Planners will always give the fastest route, even if it means “risky” connections.

On some dates there is a (Cerbère -) Narbonne - paris night train, otherwise there is the daily Toulouse - Paris. I’d indeed try to get either of them as they’re fantastic value (20-25€ for a couchette).

Afterwards you could spend the day in Paris and take the Paris - Berlin night train (not daily). Berlin - Hamburg is rather easy.

2 other options:

  • Paris - Freiburg TGV + night train to Hamburg
  • fully during the day (but it’s quite long)

What would be the travel date?

Times are subject to engineering works (plenty of them!) but it could look as follows:

  • night train arrival at 7am
  • explore Paris
  • TGV Paris-Est - Freiburg (Breisgau) Hbf 17:24 - 20:26 20€ reservation
  • have dinner maybe
  • NJ Freiburg (Breisgau) Hbf - Hamburg Hbf 22:58 - 07:53 (+ delay)

Also possible to board the night train already in Basel for a longer night.

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Obviously this is also possible in a single travel day:

  • TGV Carcassonne - Lyon Part-Dieu 08:25 - 11:48
  • TER Lyon Part-Dieu 12:38 - 14:46
  • IC5 Geneva - Biel/Bienne 15:15 - 16:43
  • IC51 Biel/Bienne - Basel SBB 16:49 - 17:55
  • NJ Basel SBB - Hamburg Hbf 22:13 - 07:53

Trains run every 30 min in Switzerland so feel free to stop in Geneva, Lausanne, Bern for a while before reaching Basel.

Hi thank you! 

i can start traveling on 27th in the afternoon and it would be good to reach Hamburg on 28th evening.

i would only travel one day - is it better to book single trains or take a pass ? 

warmly Maximiliane 



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27th May? Only that one-way journey then?

A pass won't be good value (seat reservations cost extra, etc.) but tickets won't be cheap either. I'll have a look and update later.


- TGV Carcassonne - Lyon Part-Dieu 18:25 - 21:48 35€ 2nd class/39€ 1st class (the earlier TGV is more expensive)

- night near the station

- TER Lyon Part-Dieu - Geneva 08:38 - 10:46 33€ (expensive for nothing...)

- and then through DB: a Sparpreis ticket for 49€ all the way to Hamburg (slightly more for 1st class, do it!). Feel free to add a 1h stopover in Bern, Basel or wherever you feel like it!

OPTION 2: updating.

- Intercités Carcassonne - Toulouse 20:34 - 21:17

- Intercités de nuit Toulouse - Paris-Austerlitz 22:20 - 07:09 -> both for 100€ (incl. couchette)

- TGV Paris-Est - Karlsruhe Hbf 13:51 - 16:25

- ICE Karlsruhe Hbf - Hamburg Hbf 16:58 - 22:14 -> 85€ 2nd class/103€ 1st (through DB)

There are more options too but I won't write about all of them haha. Feel free to ask anything.

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Option 3 (faster but more expensive):

- similar as 2 until Paris

- Eurostar Paris-Nord - Köln Hbf 09:55 - 13:15 82€

- ICE Köln Hbf - Hamburg Hbf 14:09 - 17:52 37€

Hi thank you so much! 

haha yes so many options 😅 not easy when on a budget by time limit. 

is the eurostar usually on time?

I found a connection where it leaves 41min changing time. 
thanks for your help 🙏

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Until Aachen it's usually on time. Afterwards who knows... depends on Deutsche Bahn's mood! :)

The cheapest option will be Sparpreise tickets from Switzerland and to avoid Paris overall. It's not the fastest though.