from italy to island

  • 18 March 2023
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Hi everyone !

i would like to go from italy to island taking ferrys etc and i would like to know if anybody did  already and can suggest me the best trip to do 

do you have idea?

thank you guys!


4 replies

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Do you mean Iceland (IS) or Ireland (IRL)?!

Iceland - you can get there from Hirtshals, in Denmark.

Ireland - there are ferries from Wales, Scotland, France and possibly Spain.

Hi i mean island (IS) 

so Only from Denmark …. No way from England ?


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Sadly there’s nothing from UK any more.

From Denmark, it’s a once a week service with Smyril Line. It leaves from Hirtshals on Saturday afternoon, calls at Tórshavn in the Faeroe Islands, and arrives in Seyðisfjörður in Iceland on Tuesday morning.

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There are some reports of the journey on Seat61. It sounds like a good quality ferry, and you can explore Tórshavn during the stopover there on Mondays.