Getting from Zurich to Wien on 30 April 2023

  • 23 April 2023
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We are traveling on Eurail pass and will arrive in Zurich airport about 830am on 30 April 2023. There was a direct train RJX 165 from Zurich HB to Wien HB at 10:40am - 6:32pm previously. However today I checked and the route on SBB website is no longer available. It requires a change from Zurich HB →  Sarganz →  Kufstein and then take SV200 to Salzburg HB and finally RJX 869 to Vienna HB.

Anyone knows how to take this SV200 (how to get to this bus stop) or is there any easier way with less transfer as we are bringing luggage along?

Rail Planner showed a route that goes Zurich HB (TRN2363) → Sarganz (RJX 165) → Wien HB and does not include SV200 but I am not sure if it is because some of the disruption is not taken into account in Rail Planner app.


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Yes Rail Planner is not accurate. There are indeed engineering works between Kufstein and Salzburg so you’ll need to take the bus. Don’t worry, it is straight-forward and connections are guaranteed, lots of people will take the bus too.

You could travel via Munich :

  • Zürich Flughafen - München Hbf 09:43 - 13:04
  • München Hbf - Wien Hbf 14:59 - 19:32

As reservations are optional, you could choose either itinerary on the day

Thanks thibcabe for the quick answer. However I could not find the Munchen Hbf - Wien Hbf from 14:59 - 19:32 on the rail planner app (with or without reservation). I managed to find one that goes:

  1. Zuerich Flughafen → Muenchen Hbf (9:43 - 13:04)
  2. Muenchen Hbf  → St Poelten Hbf (13:48 - 17:24)
  3. St Poelten Hbf → Wien Hbf (17:32 - 18:05)

Would you know of any route with lesser transfers if possible? Thanks.

SBB website is giving me a route that uses Swiss Airrail. I think this is a separate rail service and is not “free” for eurail passes?

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Use or even better for this journey. It shows the direct 14:59 train from Munich : 170 seats available in 2nd class and 40 in 1st so don't worry.

The EC to Munich is a regular train but you can use it with your plane ticket in some cases (that's why it's called Airrail). Don't worry

Cool, this journey is ideal (14:59 to 19:32) which I can find on the sbb and On it says that this RJX 69 is a peak train and we should do seat reservation for it (6 euro for 2 person with eurail pass). 

However, my only concern is if rail planner app does not have this trip for me to add into my mobile pass, does that mean I cannot take it as it is not registered in my journey for my mobile Eurail pass?

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If a train will not show in eurail app through a search you can add it manually.

Make sure you have updated your pass to give it the best chance of showing correct timetables.

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You can take it, don't worry. You might have to add it manually if it doesn't appear until then. Your pass will be valid.

Seat reservations and pass are completely separate, they won't appear on the app.

Reservations are optional but I'd advise to book them for peace of mind on (3€ 2nd class, free with 1st class pass)

Thanks AI_G and thibcabe. I think I have got this worked out!