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  • 21 August 2022
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Hey hey everyone! 
It is really nice to be here :) 

I’m currently looking into the Greek islands pass, and I wanted to know if there’s any page where I can find the ports for the ferry’s? It would be cool to have this handy to book the accommodation close to the ports.


Also, tips about the best itinerary from Italy to the Greek islands would be much appreciated! 

Thank you so much, and nice travels! :) 



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2 replies

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I tend to look at the ferry operator's website to find the exact port location. Or look at because most ferry routes are indicated there. You just have to be careful when there are multiple ferry operators serving the same city or island because they could use different ports.

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On islands the old tradition still applies: you will be greeted by dozens of locals who are out to offer rooms for rent. Trying it to all book online will narrow your search an awful lot, take away the assumed charms of island travel in GR and also limit you to sazzy more expensive wizzkids. Still nearly all ships dock right in ´main town´=the local village on smaller islands.

Changing your mindset or reading a guidebook may perhaps also work out