Help to plan itinerary using Interrail pass.

  • 17 June 2022
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I live in the UK near Manchester. I’m originally from Zambia. I love travelling, especially seeing culture, way of life, local cuisine, nature, architecture. I have travelled to a few places in Europe, but now I have bought Interrail pass to explore more in Europe. I would to see France, Belgium, Austria, Hungary and either Bulgaria or Hungary. However I have no experience in train travel. I will appreciate any help with planning an itinerary for about a month to see these places. I will start on Eurostar train from London, go to France. This is where I need help to decide which cities to go to and what trains to use. Then onto Belgium and other countries and return back to London.

I look forward to all help and will really appreciate. Thank you in advance

2 replies

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Where you come from is not interesting as such. There is a perfect other site for these newbee problems: read that first, its from the old manager of Charing Cross who believes strongly in travel on the rails. Its more aimed at buy/pay as you go, but for routing, pitfalls etc its very well done

Thank you for your reply. I will read and if necessary i will ask