help with route planning please

i need some help with planning my route from Poland back to my home country of wales (uk) please, 


thinking of going from Poland to Slovakia - Hungary -Slovenia - Venice - Milan -Switzerland - Frankfurt - Brussels - London  


is that too much for around 2 weeks or so? or should i slim it down and go a more direct route? 


is first class worth it ? im thinking it will be worth it for eurostar alone lol 


thank you !! 

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I'd say that it's fine but could be a little bit exhausting. Skip Frankfurt

- Krakow 2 nights

- Bratislava 2 nights

- Budapest 3 nights

- Ljubljana 2 nights

- Venice 2 nights

- via the Bernina Railway (long travel day)

- Chur 1 night

- Brussels 1-2 nights

Or you skip Venice and it's a bit more relaxed :

- Krakow 2 nights

- Bratislava 3 nights

- Ljubljana 2 nights

- night train Ljubljana - Eastern Switzerland/Zurich

- Engadin Valley 2 nights incl. a day trip on the stunning Bernina Railway

- Engadin - Chur - Disentis/Mustér - Andermatt - Göschenen - Lucerne (extremely scenic)

- around Lucerne 1-2 nights

- Brussels 2 nights

A 1st class pass is quickly worth it yeah :) You need to know how many days you need. Note that even for a short journey use a pass day in Switzerland

thank you for that info. do you know where i can find what trains have first class? thanks 

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All trains should have 1st class except regional trains in Italy. You can check on

A great thing with the 1st class pass is the free reservations on :)