How do you meet interrailers

  • 12 July 2022
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Hello interrail community!

It’s gonna be my first interrail alone this summer and I would love to meet new people!

I just started using this free dedicated website for interrailers: 

Would be great to have you joining the adventure so we can find each other :) 

Looking forward to see you all! 

7 replies

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Succes with it, but there are alrady numerous such sites and more FB-groups. THE places to meet others is usually the hoStel.

thank you mcadv! yes thats true, even though I like to have my own room sometimes…

the advantage of inntouch is that you can spot interailers even in the train!

it also uses your geolocalisation so it’s more efficient than facebook posts


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You seem very invested in this website, you aren’t perhaps the person behind it are you?

what other websites do you know? @mcadv 

I’m just so happy someone finally did something else than an excel sheet ahah

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Things I am going to do today:

Have lunch

Feed the cat

Maybe do some work


Things I am NOT going to do today:

Give my personal details to some random website with zero credibility run by the most obvious shill seen since the last e-mail from a Nigerian Prince.

I don’t get it, what personal details?