I get: We don't recognise that location: Dubrovnik, Sofia, Pristina

  • 23 December 2022
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I'm not looking for tiny, out-of-the-way stations. No, I was just trying to find out a basic route in Eastern Europe. Details can come later. To my surprise (well, astonishment!) big city names, even capitals are not recognised on the eurail website. Dubrovnik, Sofia, Pristina, they are simply not to be found. How on earth then can I design a basic route if these big cities aren't included? Anyone who can explain this?


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3 replies

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The DB app is better for route planning. Dubrovnik is not rail connected. There are very few trains in Kosovo and Eurail is not valid there anyway. Sofia is on the Eurail planner though. Planning an itinerary in this part of Europe is going to be complicated!

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Also note that some railways don't share their timetables with the rest of the world, so you need to go to their own websites. And Bulgarian railways were so late sending their new timetables (valid from 11 December) to the European Timetable Centre that they still haven't made it into any other planners.

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OM een doe-bare route aldaar globaal te plannen; Biedt actueel overzicht over alle gangbare INTernat verbindingen. Via what once was Yugoslavija: beter maar compleet vergeten als je perse in die ijzeren monsters wilt. Er zijn nu eenmaal vele uiterst koppige volhouders, zoals keer op keer in dit forum blijkt. Vaak kosten ter plekke gekochte tiketjes ook nog een pak minder als zo´n dure pasdag