Ideas for routes returning from Albania?

  • 28 July 2021
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Hi, i am currently with my almost-4-years daughter in Albania. I am looking for a route back to Zürich, Switzerland (we have 3 train days left on our passes, i booked for her a childs pass, so i could reservate her a seat) and we prefer fast-speed-trains or night trains. An alternative would also be to take a ferry. It would be great (isnt a must) to pass Berlin although its not really on the way 😅 looking forward to your replies!! Kind regards, Jackie

1 reply

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You could catch from Durres a a ferry to Bari 🙂 (not included)
the from Bari via Venice to Vienna :)  Travelday 1  From Rome or Venice you could catch a Nighttrain to Vienna ( or to Munich)

From Vienna maybe add Prague with cheap tickets of Regiojet 🙂 fares from just 14€

Travelday 2  Vienna (if not taken the Prague option) or Prague to Berlin  between Vienna and Berlin you could take a Nighttrain

Travelday 3  Berlin - Basel - Zürich or the direct Nighttrain :)

Option 2 by bus from Albania to Split Croatia
from Split to Zagreb with the special summer offer to Zagreb (saves you a travelday)
Special Summer Coast offer of Croatian Rail

From Zagreb to Vienna/Munich/Budapest Travelday 1 of your pass 
Travelday 2 from the selected destination to Berlin from Budapest usually operates a Nighttrain to Berlin to but currently not in service

Travelday 3 Berlin - Zürich

Note twice per week goes from Split a direct Nighttrain to Budapest if you doesn´t wanna visit Zagreb :)

Nighttrain Split - Budapest