Interrailing Summer 2023

  • 5 January 2023
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Hi all,

New to this website, so sorry if this is not the right place for this.

Myself and my partner are currently at beginning stages of planning an interrailing trip for June 2023. We’ll be in Barcelona at the start of the month - but ideally some of the other countries we’d like to visit are Croatia, Austria and Switzerland. 

Our rough plan at the moment is to fly from Barcelona to Budapest. Then take trains from Budapest to Split, then back up to Zagreb - onto Vienna and then Zurich. We are thinking of purchasing the 5 Day in 1 Month pass - hoping that this will cover us. 

We are just looking for general advice really. Does this route seem doable to people? Have people done anything similar? We are cautions that this will involve a lot of night trains - are these harder to reserve? 

Any tips or suggestions would be great :)  


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Simply forget an IR-pass for ESpana-and it seems to me you only stay the odd day in Bcn?

In hi-summer there is/was a direct touristy train from Bp to the coasts (HU has no real coast) but it was often very fully booked with locals and passholders left aside said some reports. No idea how this will work summer upcoming. I also kind of recall it was simply not possible to make an advance online RES for it-but maybe others know more. THis would lead to

IF these are the only trips intended I highly doubt a pass will be of value-book advance for Zag-Wien-Züri and be ready to also use BUS to/fro Split-or just 1-much quicker, easy to get in and far more often via motorway. But with pass you can add at will more side trips or detour on the days you use it.

If willing to use bus (yes I know for some its even worse as cursing in church, but I am pretty neutral) many more Hrvatska coastal places are easy to reach too. Spl as such, as I remember it, is more a big city without much charm that seaside resorts tend to have. But of course you can use it as base to go on to some islands-so hey-you could perhaps even follow the coast into SLOvenija then and then carry on by rail.