Is it feasible to base yourself in Hamburg for a week and see neighbouring places by day trip?

  • 7 March 2023
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Hello, or should I say guten tag? 😁


I am busy making planning ideas for 2 months in Europe. I really want to see some places in Germany and have had ideas about basing myself in one place and travelling by day to surrounding cities and towns.

So I thought that maybe Hamburg would be a good base for maybe a week and to take day trips to the likes of Lubeck, Bremen and Oldenburg. For a long time now I have been fascinated with the history of merchant cities in medieval Europe, so Lubeck is a must. Hamburg is probably a similar experience.

Using the app I can see that travelling from Hamburg to these places is so fast because of Germany’s high speed links.


I just want to be sure that I can make the most of these places with a day trip so was looking for ideas from people that know. I will continue to do watching and reading online but I thought asking the experienced here would also be a good idea.


I suspect this would make booking accomodation so much easier than having to find hotels etc in each place from day to day.


Is my idea feasible? Are there any other must visits that are a short journey from Hamburg? Have people done this very idea?


There are quite a few places I’d like to see in Southern Germany so maybe a week based in Munich could work equally as well. Love to see Rothenburg. If it’s a good idea.


Thanks, in advance, for people’s thoughts. 😁


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Definitely a good idea. I am also doing that often. Putting my base in one place and then making a few day trips. Then you don’t have to take all the stuff with you, move out every morning etc.
Hamburg is definitely a good base.
I’d recommend you also to go to Lüneburg… really nice in summer.
Cuxhaven is also OK. 
Schwerin is also feasible, but beside the castle there’s not much to see.

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There's a definite benefit to staying in one place for several nights. You can unpack, settle in, and just go for day trips as you like, without worrying about check in times etc. Accommodation near the station is a good idea, for convenience. (I don't know specifically about Hamburg, or what the area near the station is like)

I did something similar in Zurich, and stayed at the airport. (Sounds odd, but it was really convenient for trains!)

Thanks @MartinM

I thought about Luneburg and I will definitely look at Cuxhaven. I’m a coastal man myself so that appeals.


@ralderton How was Zurich airport for budget? I’m not on a very strict student budget but I have heard Zurich is very pricey. I would love to see it though, so that’s an idea.


I have to limit myself a bit. With this Germany stuff I’m in to week 2 or 8 already and there is much I’d like to see in Italy and further east. Great to have some ideas though.


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I was very lucky and got a good price at the Hyatt, which was only 5 min walk from the airport station. Switzerland in general is an expensive place to stay

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You could also base yourself in Nuremberg which is about 1 hour north of Hamburg (correction - Munich), With a pass you can take any number of ICE trains to several cities inc Munich  and much of Bavaria inc Amberg, Bamberg and Regensburg are easily reached with regional trains.

Nuremberg is a historical city in its own right and well worth a visit.There are several reasonably priced hotels within a few minutes of the station - we stayed 3 nights in the Ibis Hauptbahnof.

Since ICE trains average well over 100 Km per hour you can easily travel 150 Km to 200 Km and back and have six to 8 hours in the city. You can even do Frankfurt, Leipzig and Stuttgart


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You could also base yourself in Nuremberg which is about 1 hour north of Hamburg,

I think you're mixing up Munich and Hamburg...

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You could also base yourself in Nuremberg which is about 1 hour north of Hamburg,

I think you're mixing up Munich and Hamburg...

Old age has set in. Thanks for spotting my error - of course I meant Munich.