Is it possible to get to Belgrade to Sofia?

  • 3 December 2022
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Hello, I've been doing research for an upcoming trip for the coming summer and part of my ideal route would include going to Belgrade from Sofia. I've seen some information on a direct train, but I have also seen information saying that the line no longer runs.

Is it possible? And if so, how do I go about getting to Belgrade. Thanks!


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No trains I’m afraid and not likely to be next year. You’ll need to research busses.

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You can do part of it by train, see:

There are probably also direct buses.

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In fact getting TO Bgr will put you for the same prob: as ALL INternat trains to there are no more (except from the black mountains=Cerna Gora). Again will show ALT routings, but be aware that these cumbersome part train-walk-bus/taxi-other train ways make you loose many hrs and may in the end even cost more as a direct bus ticket. This is only for diehard railfans or those who are so much anti-bus that any expense is warranted for that. Sensible people take it as it is.

BTW-Bgr does not offer that much to see, my advice would be as it is now: skip it. IF Sofia is your destination-take the routing via HU/B.pest-Romania, also detailed again in seat61

Hi, thanks for the help! Sofia is already my destination, it's a 2 month trip and I will be reaching Sofia from Varna on the coast after visiting Bucharest.


Belgrade seemed like a good point throughout my European journey. If Belgrade doesn't offer much, where should I go?

(I should note, I want to go to Sarajevo and Mostar in Bosnia and also go to Croatia)