Lativa to Lithuania to Poland. Routes?

Hi. We plan to travel down (next week) from Finland to Estonia, then onto Latvia, Lithuanian onto Poland. 

App does work for Latvia, Lithuanian, we have booked a bus from Tallinn to Riga, then not sure what route/method we take onto Lithuanian then to Poland? Bus and/or train via which cities? 

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There's a train from Lithuania to Poland on Saturday and Sunday:

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There is also a gap Latvia to Lietuva=Lith. No trains as for now.

If planning to use elron trains in EE=Estonia with pass: read recent post which again told that several conductors are not at all familiair with it and force you to pay for normal ticket. The official procedure is to issue a 0 € receipt. All tickets are sod on board-but about all locals have chipcards often with free travel anyway in their province. has best recent info in readable form on how to cross by train-or as far as- over there.