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Hi, we are a family of 4 adults and one child 6 years old. We just bought passes for 10 days within 2 months. I was trying to find some journeys using the planner, but unfortunately i wasn't very successful. So i have following questions

1. On the 5 July late on the day or on the 6 july very early i wanted to find a connection from Vejle/Kolding in dk to Munich in de with a night express and with sleeping department, so that we would be in munich in the morning on the 6 july. i couldn't find any.

2. Generally when traveling in July during a weekdays is it always worth to make reservations also for trains which don't require one?

3. Monday, the 10 July from Ljubljana in sv to Verona in it in the morning i could find any train connections, only with some flexbus. How to find one?

4. On the 12 July from Verona to Chur in ch in the morning i only found a connection through Zurych but we wanted to take to tirano to take Bernina express or regular train on the route from there to chur. How to do it?

5. On the 14 July we wanted to take the glacier express from Chur to Zermatt, but we only found a train going through Zurych. 

6. On both the glacier express and Bernina express can we take with our passes regular train instead of this with the special names, but traveling the same route? If yes, how to find them? And do we need reservations for the regular trains?

7. On the 18 July in the morning we wanted to take a train from Geneva to Zurych, then make a stopover in Zurych for few hours and then some night train back to dk. Any suggestions how to plan this part of our trip?

Kind regards viking





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and again, 

i just tried to book just seats on the 5th of july from kolding to hamburg on dbahn website and i chose as recomended seats only option but then i got the same price as with tickets 135 euro. what did i do wrong this time?

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Yes it shouldn't cost that much.

Removed wrong info. See @rvdborgt advice

Edited my last post too. :)

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DB can't book mandatory reservations online. When I try that for Kolding-Hamburg, it will show a €0 reservation but I can't get past a certain step.

You can book Kolding to Hamburg via DSB here for 30 DKK per seat:

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I'm able to buy seat reservations on the 15:18 train on 5th July on using seat reservations only.

I can't get past this step. Can you?


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No I can only select seats but there's an error going further (on DB app too)…

On seats are not yet available for July it seems. Is it 90 days in advance ? 

The carriage is already half-full, all filled with regular tickets then ? Would it be possible to visit a DSB counter ? (if it works there)

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The 349€ is for a private compartment.

I could have bought a 3- poeple sleeping compartment ( the one level higher then the 4-6 people compartment with breakfast and some other things ) for  300 € ( 50 euro cheaper ) but by checkout they said that we can not be in the same compartment.

I will call oebb tomorrow.

I know we have to have reservations for the nightjets. But generally how to find out which of the other trains will require reservations. 

I am assuming from your answer that in Switzerland it is not mandatory and necessary even during summer holiday.


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I've written earlier which reservations are optional or needed. Again here :

As you're now travelling in 1st class reservations aren't that important (except for the mandatory ones ofc). But as you'll be 4 people who might want to seat together it could be nice to book them between Munich, Ljubljana and Italy (usually 3€ per person). They're all optional in that part of Europe.

- Verona - Venice return : reservations would be mandatory on the Frecciarossa trains (1h12) but you could avoid them by using regional trains (1h28).

- Verona - Milan : 10€ on the Frecciarossa (saves 45 min on a long travel day so useful)

- Milan - Tirano : no reservation possible

- Tirano - Chur : you could take the direct Bernina Express train at 14:23 in the first reservation-free coaches or hourly regional trains with a few changes (no reservation too)

- Switzerland : no need to buy seat reservations at all, even more in 1st class.


About ÖBB night train, which train did you book in the end ?

- 136€ is for 4 people in a 6-people couchette compartment (with 2 other people)

- 176€ is for 4 people in a 4-people couchette compartment. If it lets you buy it, you should be in the same compartment. You can always check that with the berth numbers ÖBB gives you. Reservations are exchangeable and refundable btw.

- 349€ is for a private couchette compartment (the same as the afore mentionned 4-people couchette compartment). This price is the regular price, Interrail doesn't give you any discount for that.


I would book the 176€ first if still available, check if you're all in the same compartment and then get refunded the 349€.

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Verona - Venice regional trains in July do you reckon it will be possible to get seats without reservations in 1st?

Milan - tirano, where to find timetable for the replacement busses? And are the busses generally on time? We want then take the regional Bernina like trains to chur on the same day.

And generally the trains in Switzerland are on time? From chur to Zermatt with regional trains there are few transfers with short time between them.

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Sorry thibcabe , i missed this part " They're all optional in that part of Europe." In your first reply. Now i know, thanks.

We bought the one for 349 euro.

I will call oebb tomorrow and do as you said.

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DB can't book mandatory reservations online. When I try that for Kolding-Hamburg, it will show a €0 reservation but I can't get past a certain step.

You can book Kolding to Hamburg via DSB here for 30 DKK per seat:

I tried that and it shows the 120 dkk for all of us but it shows only a train at 20.48 or 4.58 and we have nightjets from Hamburg at 20 . But when I choose tickets then i get more connections. I don't know why. I just wrote en email to them with this question.

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Verona - Venice regional trains in July do you reckon it will be possible to get seats without reservations in 1st?

Milan - tirano, where to find timetable for the replacement busses? And are the busses generally on time? We want then take the regional Bernina like trains to chur on the same day.

And generally the trains in Switzerland are on time? From chur to Zermatt with regional trains there are few transfers with short time between them.


You'll get seats between Verona - Venice, especially in first class.


The schedule is not available yet (Trenitalia/Trenord is always late sending its schedule). The rail replacement buses will run between Sondrio and Tirano, so :

- Milano Centrale - Sondrio train

- Sondrio - Tirano bus

I had a look at last year's and this April's timetables and the bus takes about 10 min more than the train. Of course leave a margin in Tirano of about an hour. You could eat it somewhere there maybe.

I'd take the train leaving Milano at 10:20 (schedule could change but not much) :

- Milano Centrale - Sondrio 10:20 - 12:20

- Sondrio - Tirano (bus) 12:25 - 13:05 (instead of 12:52)

- Tirano - Chur 14:24 - 18:22

A tip : board the Bernina Express train quite early and go to the front carriage, you'll have fantastic first class seats near the driver (you can watch them driving).

Edit : there will be multiple buses between Sondrio and Tirano, do not worry about seating.


In Switzerland trains are very often on time. On single line (like the Glacier Express) there could be some delays as you need to wait for another train to cross. The connecting train usually waits and if it's a too big delay (more than 10 min), you can always decide to stop in Disentis or Andermatt for an hour to stretch your legs ! There is a hourly train.

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What would be the travel day between Zurich and Hamburg so I can have a look at the Nightjet ?

Are you planning on doing Geneva - Zurich - Hamburg on the same travel day ? If you're planning to do a night in Zurich or somewhere else in Switzerland in between, I could suggest a few panoramic routes. :)


Edit : if Geneva is not a must for you, Lausanne is nicer and more pleasant (a bit smaller and not flat though)

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Thanks again for your reply and suggestions.

Geneva is not a must, but my son wanted to visit CERN, he studies  engeenering at Uni.

On the 18th of July we planned to leave Geneva at around 10 and take a train to Zurich, spend there few hours and then take some nightjets to Hamburg or maybe from Zurich to Munich and then Hamburg, but i could not  find even any seats on trains ,  everything was not available, so any help will be welcomed, we have to get home somehow.

On the 12th of July we want to travel to chur via Bernina etc, but we will have an hotel in Verona, so we have first to get to Milan from Verona and we were thinking like leaving Verona at about 8- 10 or so. So we will be tirano later then 14,24. Do you reckon there will Bernina express or local trains later then 15?



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No worries then, Geneva is a nice place to stay too.

- IC1 (departure xx:42) between Geneva and Zurich will have plenty of space and nice scenery on the first leg

- IC5 (departure xx:15) between Geneva and Zurich will have a nice view too (+ passing my hometown along the way !)

Will have a look at the Nightjet and edit this post.


Edit : From what I could see the Nightjet only runs to Hannover Hbf in the middle of July due to engineering works. Unfortunately I do not see more availability... 

The solution would be to travel by train during the day I guess.

- DAY 1 Geneva - Zurich - Cologne (too long maybe)

- DAY 2 Cologne - Hamburg - Kolding


- DAY 1 Geneva - Zurich (2h45), spend the afternoon there and then to Basel (1h)

- DAY 2 Basel - Hamburg - Kolding

I'd choose the second option so you can enjoy a little bit more of Zurich. Day 2 will be a long travel day anyway. You'd then leave Basel at 08:13 on Day 2 I'd say.

I'm kind of disappointed too... maybe someone else knows a bit more. I can only remember that Nightjet sold all its summer tickers for last year really early.


12th July : if the schedules stay the same, I'd do this

- Verona Porta Nuova 08:32 - Milano Centrale 09:45 (10€ seat reservation)

- Milano Centrale - Sondrio 10:20 - 12:20

- Sondrio - Tirano 12:25 - 13:05

- Tirano - Chur 14:24 - 18:22

Of course if something goes wrong, there'll always be later regional trains from Tirano, one every hour. The last one leaves at 17:44 if needed.

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Do you reckon that's is a train like every hour from Verona to Milan and then to sondrio? And what website did u use to find this connection?

I checked again the night jet to Passau and today the option for 176 was not available, so i called oebb and they told me ,that if we want to be in the same couppette so the 349 was the only option.

They told me ,  that on 18th of July the nightjets goes only to Hannover because of some trainline working, so that why i couldn't find any seat at all.

I Will try later with Hanover.

I tried to book seat for the train from Munich to Ljubljana on the 8 th of July, but i could only book in the 2nd class, there was no option to book in first class. Doest it mean that all seats in first was sold out? I tried on

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Yes I told you about the Nightjet to Hannover.

There is at least an hourly connection between Verona - Milano - Sondrio. I used but will give you the same infos. will have the bus schedule too but not available yet


I'm able to book free seat reservations (it's free in 1st class) between Munich and Ljubljana on It gives you a price of 0€, you click on it and then you check 1st class

Let me know if it doesn't work

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Yes, you are right, i missed that part again, sorry

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somehow i managed the book the seats to ljubjana in 1st class for 0 euro.

i called dsb and they told me , they had system failure that´s why i could not book seats from kolding to hamburg, but i did it over the phone.

As you are from Switzerland, I am assuming that you are familiar with zermatt and surroundings. What is the best webside to book all the cabel trains to get to Matterhorn. I was on the Zermatt city websites, but I got confused, too much info for an older man like me. So what are your suggestions?

couchette - is there any differents between 1st and 2nd class?

and what is the different between bed and berths, 2 different options while booking couchette on oebb and nigthjet?


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Hi again,

just bought seats in couchette for 176 euro Munchen to Hannower on the 18th of july in 4 berths couchette, because we are 4 persons.

But we did not get any seats number, does it mean that they can put us i different couchette / compartments?

the trains goes only to Hannover due to engineering works in Hamburg. so how the to get to kolding from Hannover?


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There should be berth numbers somewhere on your booking, something like "Coach 4 Berths 51,53, 55, 57".

Between Hannover and Kolding you'll go via Hamburg again (day trains run on the line).

- Hannover - Hamburg 1h20, 2 trains per hour

- Hamburg - Kolding 2h50, train every 2 hours


Yes I've been to Zermatt quite a few times although I travelled with Swiss tickets and not a pass.

You won't climb on the Matterhorn, there are no cable cars at all. You'll get to other peaks to see it. The mountain is visible from Zermatt itself btw.

The most famous peak and the one with the best view is the Gornergrat.

Sadly no reductions at all with a Eurail Pass. 126 CHF per adult in summer. To save money : buy at a ticket counter in Switzerland a Junior card for the child travelling with you (or a Children Co-Travelcard if it is not your child). It costs 30 CHF and is valid for a month on all Swiss trains, buses, boats, etc, including those that are not included in Eurail. Even if you won't use this card a lot, it is already great value with one trip to the Gornergrat.

Tickets can be bought on the day at the train station, they won't be more expensive. It might be useful as I don't think it is worth it to spend 3 x 126 CHF if all the mountains are hidden in the clouds

The other peaks are not as nice in my opinion and they'll cost even more. 

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thanks again, 

what do you mean with you won´t climb Matterhorn? is it like not permitted to walk up there or is it to hard for amateurs? i know , you wrote there is no cable cars

what are you other suggestions for scenic trains in Switzerland?

we got the seats numbers in confirmation email. it´s  91-94. does it mean they all are in the same compartment?

generally is it worth to check the nightjet later on to try to find seats because some has cancelled?





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Yes it is hard to climb the Matterhorn and not worth it (you won't see the mountain after all). I do not know of anyone that have climbed a bit and gone down. There are much better hiking trails. For example from the Gornergrat to Stellisee.

With your Gornergrat you are allowed to leave the train at every stop and hike a little bit before taking the train again. Many people hike between Gornergrat or Rotenboden - Riffelsee - Riffelberg. You have the best possible view of the Matterhorn too (reflected in a lake). You can have a look at pictures. Of course you won't be alone but that's the same for every hiking trail. The trail is not hard but keep in mind that you are above 2500 m elevation.


Yes you'll be together in the same couchette compartment. They work like this :

- 11-16 one compartment

- 21-26 another compartment

- and so on...

- 91-96 your compartment (berths 95 and 96 won't be used)

I don't think it is worth checking again. All the Nightjet couchettes for this summer will be sold out soon.

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Well first all Swiss railways are scenic I'd say !

Which day of your trip is not planned yet ? Maybe Zermatt - Geneva ?

Instead of the easy Zermatt - Visp - Geneva (beautiful) you could do (even more beautiful) :

- Zermatt - Visp - Brig - Spiez (Old Lötschberg Line instead of the 35-km tunnel) - Zweisimmen - Montreux - Geneva.

From Spiez it is part of the Golden Pass route. No need to book reservations, just take one of the hourly trains and stop where you feel like it.

Of course it takes longer but the journey is part of the trip !

On the last day are you doing Geneva - Zurich - Munich for the night train ?

I'd take the IC1 between Geneva and Zurich (hourly). Then the EC to Munich (reservations really recommended for the EC, small train with a lot of demand)

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we will have a look at the longer trip from zermatt to geneva, but is there an option without changing trains?

yes, the last day we are  doing Geneva - Zurich - Munich for the night train at 22.50. we want maybe spend few hours in Zurich.

for the cable cars do we need to make some reservations?

couchette - is there any differents between 1st and 2nd class?

and what is the different between bed and berths, 2 different options while booking couchette on oebb and nigthjet?

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Yes the easiest option is Zermatt - Visp - Geneva : 2 trains per hour, no reservations needed. Only one connection. You can decide to stop for 1-2 hours in Montreux if you want. :)

Geneva - Munich :

- Genève - Zürich HB 09:42 - 12:28 (or one hour earlier)

- You'll need to take the EC in Zurich at 17:33. Arrival in Munich at 21:04. Reservations really recommended.

Beds would be for expensive sleeper compartments. Berths are in couchettes compartments (no such difference as 1st or 2nd class couchettes).


You can book cable cards in advance but there's no real advantage. Tickets don't cost less in advance and they do not sell out.

I'd recommend on buying them on the day as if the weather is horrible, you won't have spent 400 CHF for nothing. Did you read my advice on the Junior card for the 15 y.o. child ? You can buy it at every Swiss station ticket counter for 30 CHF.