Too late for July ? Best route to go from France to Slovenia ?

  • 20 July 2021
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Hi all, 

I would like to start my trip next week from Paris (France) for 1 month. My goal is to visit Eastern countries starting by Slovenia (Lubjana). 

To be honnest, I have no clue if the best route is to cross Italia (from Milan, Roma or Turino), Austria, Switzerland or Germany. Do you have any recommandation ? 

Also, can you share your view on the timing of the departure? Do you think it will be “too” tight for next Monday? 

Many thanks ! 

Also, if you are in Lubjana, Zagreb, Budapest, in the following weeks, do not hesitate to reach out! 

6 replies

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Well, depends on your preferences. In general the route via Austria & Switzerland or Germany should be cheaper as you only need a reservation for the train from Paris to your first stop, especially if you travel on daytime trains (ok, then you’ve to pay for an overnight stay somewhere in between). 

Scenic routes along your way would be: Zürich-Innsbruck-Zell am See-Villach, Lyon-Torino. Marseille-Nice-Ventimiglia-Genova (but that might be some detour?)

Keep in mind that until 30th July there is a bus replacement from Jesenice to Ljubljana… so no direct trains on this route (coming from Switzerland/Germany via Austria).

It is no problem to start next Monday ;-) (as long as you use a mobile pass or buy the pass at a ticket office. For mail delivery it would be too late) Don’t worry.

Safe travels

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@romainsch  there are several Routes possible :)

Paris - Milan - Verona - Venice - Trieste - Ljubljana
Paris - Zürich - Nighttrain to Zagreb (actual till 30th July without a stop in Lubljana)
Paris - Stuttgart - (Munich - Salzburg) - Villach - Lubljana  with the busreplacement already mentioned :)

Note that due some mudslides there are currently some tracks closed causing more bus replacements or the trains take a detour :) but till monday all should be fine in Austria :) 

@seewulf @MartinM 

Hi both, thank you a lot for your help. 

I have planned to take a train from Paris to Zurich (7h22 Monday 26th of July) to spend 8 hours at Zurich before taking the night train from Zurich to Zagreb (8PM same day). 

However, I’m struggling to book this ticket “This train's reservations can only be reserved online 6 or more days before the scheduled departure because they are only available in paper format. Please try reserving in person at a train station.”

Does that mean that I need to get the reservation directly at the Zurich train station? 

How can I be sure to be able to take this train ? If no seats are available, can I take the train ? 

Many thanks for your help !



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Hey Romain,

yeah, you can buy it in Zurich HB at the ticket office.

Also on (Austrian railways) they sell the reservation (choose 1 adult with Interrail / EURail Globalpass). But I don’t know if they give you for this connection an online-ticket reservation or if you need to print it at an Austrian station. Should be no problem if you print it at Buchs SG (swiss border station, there is a ticket machine of ÖBB on platform ¾, where the train arrives from Zürich) or in Feldkirch (first stop in Austria). At both station there is enough time to go to the ticket machine as in Buchs SG the train changes it’s direction and in Feldkirch they attach car-transport waggons to the train. This should work for seat, if you take a couchette, might be not possible (or you enter the couchette just after picking up your reservation). You can also make a trial booking and see if they offer print@home for this connection - you can cancel the booking within 3 min after finishing.

On you can also see the reservation prices - seat 14 euro, couchette 34 euro.

Enjoy your trip ;-)

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The Nighttrain from Zuerich to Zagreb is reservation compulsory and can be done online on page of Austrian rail :) Please follow the Nighttrain reservation manual in the post below :)


Many thanks. 

I’ve been able to get my ticket. 

However the reservation was 14 euros (w/ the Interrail Pass + Youth 25 y.o) with a seat and not a bed.