Are tickets without reservation even possible?

  • 21 August 2022
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Hi, the page advertises for tickets that require no previous seat reservations, see here.
When clicking on any of these ticket offers I get redirected to the global pass, which then says it requires seat reservations.
Does anyone have encountered that question or went through an interrail ride without previous reservations?
Thank you very much for answers :)


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There are many thousands of trains every day across Europe which do not require reservations.

There are entire countries where most if not all internal trains do not require reservations, such as UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands. As well as many others where only some trains require reservations and most places can be reached on alternative trains.


There are really only a handful of countries that are difficult to navigate without reservations, in particular Spain, France and Italy.

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It’s easy to avoid compulsory reservations on most routes. I travel thousands of miles each year and rarely pay them. You may need to be creative when planning. The planner has a useful no reservations tab but always double check on the carriers site! Experts on this site can often help but we need full details 

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Ach mein lieber doch: sogar Ihre nicht immer so ganz pünktliche DB, auf or .com, kannst dir auf seine site jans jut zeigen wo mann RES machen muss oder nicht. Es ist eher so das jenau alle diese jungs auf ihre 1er fahrt jenau die strecken abdüsen wollen die so schwer zu kriegen sind. Seit also mehr kreativ und meidet die-du kannst dort besser hin wenn du einmal in die rente bist und geld satt hast.