Basel SBB > Utrecht Centraal Direct Train on 31 July 2024

  • 14 May 2024
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I am only missing our one last day of the interrail, as I am waiting for this route to be available. But even after once in a while always checking the rail app and raileurope website, this route that can take us from Florence (06.55 am) to Utrecht Centraal (9.29 pm) is only available so far until 15 July, whereas we are planning our trip on 31 July 2024.


The problem is that the last train from Basel SBB - Utrecht Centraal that is available up to 15 July is not available on 16 July onwards yet. But all other preceeding trains up to Basel Sbb is already available with the exact same time. Is there a reason for that? Should i wait longer for this last train route and this route would hopefully appear? Any help would be appreciated!


The trip that we want to take:




The last train’s options available for the 31st July



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There are major engineering works starting in Germany in mid-July (Riedbahn). All trains from Basel to Frankfurt/Cologne will take 40-60 min longer. There are also further works on the Frankfurt - Cologne high-speed line and trains take the slow but scenic route along the Rhine instead.

The direct Basel - Utrecht/Amsterdam train won't run from mid-July.

Let me look at options, I'll update later. This journey should be possible by leaving early but leave enough margin for the usual German delays.

It might be convenient to take the Zurich - Utrecht night train. It tends to be expensive though...


We really wish to be able to fit in the time range in one day so that the interrail pass can still cover..


“The direct Basel - Utrecht/Amsterdam train won't run from mid-July.” > is this already confirmed and won’t change anymore? :(

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Yes it is confirmed. It won’t come back after the engineering works either and instead should run as Amsterdam - Munich.

Only the departure time matters. As long as you board the Basel - Utrecht night train before midnight (scheduled departure is at 23:13) the journey will use a single pass day.

I would try to take the night train or reorder your itinerary as the connection in Cologne has about 50% chance to work and it would be very annoying to miss it. It would also be an exhausting day overall.

So there is a convenient ICE from Basel to Cologne at 15:13. Annoyingly on your date the last  Amsterdam-bound ICE doesn’t stop at the main Cologne station but on the other side of the Rhine at Messe/Deutz.

  • ICE Basel SBB - Köln Hbf 15:13 - 20:05
  • Köln Hbf - Messe/Deutz: trains every 2 min. 20:17, 20:21, 20:24, 20:25, 20:27, 20:31 etc. (2 min journey across the bridge)
  • ICE Köln Messe/Deutz - Utrecht Centraal 20:50 - 23:25

Use DB Navigator app for timetables.

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About the night train: it is almost full. Carriages from Zurich sold out and there’s only one or two sleeper left from Basel. A private 3 people sleeper would be 269€ (Sparschiene tickets) or 314€ (Eurail flexible reservations). It’s expensive but not that bad considering you’ll travel together and won’t be stressed all along.

(Don’t ask me why tickets are cheaper than pass fares… ask Nightjet/OBB.)

Book as soon as possible if you go that way.

Second option would be to take the Innsbruck - Utrecht night train instead!

  • 149€ 3 couchettes in 6 ppl compartment
  • 179€ 3 couchettes in 4 ppl compartment
  • 344€ 3 people private sleeper…

In the end not that much less expensive but you get a longer night sleep. Feel free to ask anything.


Hi there! thank you so much for the reply!!! I’m still a bit overwhelmed for days as it sounds super complicated… 

I feel like this option would be nice:

  • ICE Basel SBB - Köln Hbf 15:13 - 20:05
  • Köln Hbf - Messe/Deutz: trains every 2 min. 20:17, 20:21, 20:24, 20:25, 20:27, 20:31 etc. (2 min journey across the bridge)
  • ICE Köln Messe/Deutz - Utrecht Centraal 20:50 - 23:25


and the Koln Messe/Deutz - Utrecht Centraal has one next train if in case we missed this.

The Köln Hbf - Messe/Deutz: this is already included in eurail pass and no reservation required I assume? Because it does not show up in my rail planner app..


and do you think this route’s transits make sense then? 


1.Firenze S.M.N - Milano Central (06.55-08.50)

-20 mins transit

2.Milano Central - Bellinzona (09.10-10.46)

-31 mins transit

3.Bellinzona - Basel Sbb (11:17-14:56)

-xx mins transit

4.Basel SBB - Köln Hbf (15:13 - 20:05)​​​​​​​

-16 mins transit

5.Köln Hbf - Messe/Deutz (20:21-20;23)

​​​​​​​-27 mins transit

6.ICE Köln Messe/Deutz - Utrecht Centraal 20:50 - 23:25


The trains from Bellinzona - Basel Sbb is optional reservation, do you think it’s fine if we don’t reserve this?


Thank you so so so much for the help...

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In Switzerland, reservations are a waste of money.

For Milan to Bellinzona, you only need a reservation Milan-Chiasso. That's a bit cheaper.