Can 'Delivery by Post' reservations be purchased online and later printed at a train ticket counter?

  • 8 June 2022
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I will be in Europe in 2 weeks. I see only one available train (Paris to Barcelona) that I could purchase a reservation.

Given the short time for the post, I was wondering if I could buy the reservation online and then go to a train office (when in Europe) and ask them to print the tickets for me.



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No that doesn't work that way. But you can call SNCF (Press #85 for English) and receive it via e-mail. It'll also save the booking and postage fees.

I have similar question, I am going to purchase ticket from Lucerne to Interlaken, the seat reservations says Deliver by post. I am located in Muscat, Oman and will be travelling in another 2 weeks. Is this email option possible for me as well ?


Train: Rhatische Bahn | PE 2914 | 2914

Date: Tue, May 14   7:06 AM – 8:55 AM.


Another question, incase if sent my post how much time it will take ?

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You do not need a reservation for this route. Seat reservations in Switzerland are unecessary and a waste of money.

Hop on and sit wherever you want. That train will be empty at 7am on a weekday.

In general don't book through Eurail (extra fees being the main reason). Have a look at

Btw this train is not operated by Rhätische Bahn but by Zentralbahn (not that it matters).