Can I board train without reservation? Nice- Monaco

  • 14 May 2022
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I’ve been looking for train tickets from Nice to Monaco. The ‘’Book a reservation’’ section says that I’m ready to board. Does this mean when I have interrail pass I can just hop in the train? And if it does, how do I know if there is any space in the train to get in?



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This train doesnt need a reservation you just board and find a empty seat. Worstcase you have to stand.

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Its just ilke the GO-Ontario etc trains-not like VIA. Applies to about anywhere in the whole of EUR. There is NO controlled access and in these trains its completely IMpossible to reserve.

BTW-there are also BUSes- ev 15./20 mins along this route-cost is 1€/preboard or 1,50 by driver and they offer many more views.

If use the better planner of it will clearly show if a train needs mandatory REServ or not.

This route is part of a frequent local service along the Cote d’Azur and served by double decker trains - you’ll only ever have to stand on the busiest peak hour trains.  Monaco station can be a little confusing as it is buried in the cliff and is multi level with entrances/exits on different levels.  More info is here, with a station map .pdf available at the bottom of the page.