Can''t find connection Zurich-Prague

  • 4 August 2021
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Hi, I am new to interrail

So I wanted to make a reservation for the nighttrain EN 50467 (Zurich-Prague). On the rail planner app I can find this train and it says that it is a direct train. 


But I can’t seem to find this train on any other website, not even on the czech railway website. The only other connection I found (leaving around the same time) is one where I would have to change trains early in the morning and that would mean I would have to use 2 travel days (if I understood that right). And this connection isnt even shown ob the rail planner app so I wouldn’t be able to connect it to my mobile pass (i think).

Please help:(


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Hi Jessica,

it seems there are construction works on the Czech part of the line and that’s why this carriage is not running. Maybe your app is not up-to-date.
In my railplanner app the direct connection doesn’t show up. And if it is not shown on, you have to assume that it is not running.
Alternatives: nighttrain to Vienna and then railjet to Prague or daytime EC to München from Zürich and from there by another train to Prague.

And yeah, with the change in the morning, you’d need another travel day… but with the daytime option you could do it in one day.

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Note for future travellers: you cannot rely on the Interrail app. It doesn't get enough updates for that.