Change the train during the travel day - Can I delete or change my train (whitout reservation) one hour before the start of the train?

  • 6 August 2023
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Hello. :)
I would like to use the Interrail pass to travel this summer.

I want to go from a specific city in France to a specific city in Germany and because of my late planning, the direct trains have no more space for pass holders and I have to go through a series of trains. This is also during my outbouding travel but it’s not in my residential country anymore. 

I'm afraid that a delay of one train at the beginning of the day will make me miss a train at the end of the day.

Since these are all trains without reservations (so no paid reservations), do I have to take them all at the same time? If I take the ticket for the late train and see that I'm going to miss it, can I change it?

Thanks for any help! 


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Hi, I used eurail pass  travel  few countries,  we miss train/ change/ cancelled our train time . We don't pay reservations fee but we do planning and add in destinations in the planner  trip,  but when reach the railway station,  we still can deactivate the scheduled  time and activate the new time , just refer to the  train ACTUAL SCHEDULE shown on trains led panel,  it is  simply  and convenient, not worry!

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You can alter the plan as you go, no need to add a train in advance or anything.

Which connection are you looking at (and on which date) btw ? We may be able to help. :)

There may be alternatives such as TGV to Strasbourg + RB across the border to Offenburg or TER to Lauterbourg.

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The ICEs/TGVs to Germany don't have pass holder quota, so they may also be just fully booked.

It's best to check the TGVs to Strasbourg indeed. And if you live in France, you can get domestic reservations free of charge at the SNCF ticket office; ask for the Parcours/trajet d’approche.