Do you need a Thalys reservation if delayed and taking next train from Railteam?

  • 14 September 2023
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My Eurostar was delayed and so I missed the connection in Brussels to go to Köln. I got a HTONAT endorsement form the Eurostar and wanted to get on the next train (to make my connection to Berlin), but the staff on the Thalys insisted that I had to pay for a reservation to go on it, even though no reservation would have been needed to take the earlier ICE had I not been delayed. Is this correct?


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Thalys staff was wrong, they should know the rule. The HOTNAT paper exists exactly so that you don't have to argue with staff.

I guess now it's too late but otherwise I would come back and try to speak with someone else

Yes, that's what I thought, I just didn't want to stay on the train or buy a full-price ticket in case I was incorrect and couldn't get a refund for the fine/fee. Unfortunately now I have to wait at Liège for an hour, but hopefully other people in the same situation might find this and be helped!

@thibcabe do you know where it definitely states this, for future reference? Many thanks!

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Should be this: