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  • 27 April 2022
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March 16th I have booked reservations for a train on May 5th that had to be sent physically to me in the UK. The next day I have received a track and trace code. On the track and trace page however it doesn’t show any progress. I have replied to the first email on April 9th, and received an automated response that it was very busy and they needed more time on April 13th. Since then I haven’t received any email, so I have sent them a DM on Twitter on April 20th, a couple of hours later I got a response that they would check and follow up. I have reminded them yesterday morning, and today, but haven’t got any response since. I don’t see any phone number on the website and don’t know how to reach them. Does anyone have a phone number or a place I could go in London or Amsterdam?


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Hello Nikki


Please can you provide more information about this reservation that you have not received eg departure/arrival stations, date and time. There might be an alternative way getting reservation for the train

When you say, you have received tracking code, is it a progress of your reservation status or courier eg dhl tracking ref?

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No-NO fone, and -it may utter surprise many-the place to go, if needed, is the counter of the various train companies who participate in the scheme-and they will tell you (nicely in LON, less so at €* and with a grump dutch style in AMS) to contact those who sold you the ticket/extra.

It is true that since the relaxation of the various covid rules Eu/InterRail is swamped with requests, as result of suddenly an enormous rise in passes sold-partly their own fault due to often faulty software and they simply do not have enough staff to answer all these questions-95% of which are often readily already answered on previous posts here.

They answer such requests in order of urgency.

BTW; what train was it exactly and lesson learnt for onward; do not use this app for that, do it via the various train-sites, if so needed. Again this forum repeats these ad nauseam every day

It's the 5 May 10h11 Valence - Barcelona TGV and the 15 May 9h10 Barcelona - Paris TGV

The last update from PostNL on their track and trace page:

March 18, 21:56

Shipment received in country of destination

Delivery moment still unknown

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There is no phone number or physical location you can visit. And yes, that is really frustrating. Eurail should really consider offering a hotline for urgent requests, like disfunctioning mobile tickets and tickets that don’t arrive.

In the mean time, it is Kings Day in the Netherlands today (where the office is), most businesses are closed today.  So I would not expect an answer today.

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I'd chase up PostNL then.

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You can contact PostNL here: (click on the “contact” button on this page). 
Support via telephone is available tomorrow. 

I'd chase up PostNL then.

They can’t start an investigation without the sender involved

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@Marion I looks like someone on your side needs to activate PostNL.

Hi Nikki,


After an internal check, I believe that Customer service has gotten back to you yesterday regarding your request.