Eurail timetable from UK doesn't match with National Railway

  • 2 December 2022
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I know that Eurail timetable has a low frequency update rate, however, the timetable was updated 3 days ago and most of the trains from the planner doesn't match with trains from National Railway. Hence, I don't know if the planner is capturing trains that the National Railway doesn't or if the planner has trains that doesn't exist.


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3 replies

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Never use the rail planner app to plan. Any data it gets are provided by the operators themselves and always with a delay. If there are differences, then it's safe to assume the national timetable is most up to date.

This issue might be caused due to timetable update and synchronisation. I would recommend to double-check with the railway carrier by visiting their website and check their timetable. If the time connections are not entirely different, please take into consideration the change-over time. 

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Because of staffing issues many UK companies are operating reduced and emergency timetables, which combined with strike action, means there is no stability to long term schedules. The only way to keep abreast is to regularly check the news feeds on the individual operator websites. Many of the services are operating a reduced frequency service (eg 1 per hour instead of 2 per hour). This also means services are very busy so reservations are essential on the East and West coast services.


This is particularly a problem with long distance services.


This is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.