Euro Night Munich - Ljubljana

  • 10 July 2021
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A few months ago, I bought the Interrail pass on the internet to be able to travel from France (Nantes) to Slovenia (Ljubljana). I have since done a lot of research on the best available ride and found one for August 2, 2021.

Here is the summary of the journey:
Nantes - Paris Montparnasse
Paris East - Munich
Munich - Ljubljana

I realized that all his trains had to reserve a seat, which was not a problem for me. But when I wanted to book these seats I realized that the Munich - Ljubljana route was impossible to book.

(Here is the train reference: Euro Night, EN 50463, from Munich to Ljubljana journey from 11:20 PM to 05:57 AM)

Even by trying directly on ÖBB (which is in charge of this train) it is still impossible to reserve a seat, even though they specify that with the Interrail pass it is possible to reserve a seat on this type of train. I am therefore a little lost and the date of my trip approaching I hope to receive an answer as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance

Bouchet Mathéo, France


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The way of reserving this train on the page of is a bit different
Because it´s a Nighttrain you have to click on the Ticket option even if they show a seat only option :)


Here you can find a step by step manual to reserve this Nighttrain :)

Thank you very much for your efficiency.
It's good I found thanks to you how to reserve these places.
Thanks again !

Bouchet Mathéo