Eurocity Switzerland - reservation recommended?

  • 14 August 2021
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Hi everyone,

I’ve started my interrail trip today. I’ve made reservations for most of the trains, but I’m wondering whether I should make a reservation for:

EC 99 Zürich - München, and

EC 323 Zürich - Lugano (only the Swiss part of the journey)

So to be sure, I’m not asking whether a reservation is required, because I believe it isn’t, but whether a reservation is recommended.

2 replies

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in my experience not needed :) if you want you can reserve via for just 4€ :)

I recommend to take from Zürich the Interregio to Lugano as the Interregio takes the Gotthard Mountain route instead of the new Gothard tunnel :)


I checked for the IR too, but time will be a factor as we’ll arrive in Zurich at 17:20, with Milan being our final destination, so there’s not much time for sightseeing :(