Eurostar to Brussels then Antwerp- need reservation correction

How can I get customer service to correct a reservation on Eurostar to Brussels? I realized after booking this that it was better to take Eurostar to Paris Gare du Nord and then transfer to Thalys because my final destination is Antwerp. I booked this and now I noticed that I cannot take this Thalys train because I will be on Eurostar to Brussels and it won't stop in Paris. How do I fix this? I got no help from Eurail, only chatbot or automated replies 


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That doesn’t make any sense at all.

From Bruxelles to Antwerpen it’s a short train ride of about 45 minutes where you don’t need a reservation at all (just 35 minutes by expensive Thalys train). And there are up to seven trains per hour.

From Paris to Antwerpen it’s a train ride of more than two hours and you’d need an expensive Thalys reservation. 

Why should you want to change your reservation to Bruxelles to one to Paris if you want to go to Antwerpen?

Thanks for replying. It's simply confusing as a first time user, so now it's clear that I need a refund for a Thalys booking I won't use.

You can find the applicable refund rules in your Reservations overview.