Help, I can't load journeys onto my pass!

  • 18 April 2022
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Hello, I'm on the train right now! Customer services closed, my global pass says I'm ready to travel, I keep on tapping frantically on the journeys on my trip, they're not uploading. What am I missing out??


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3 replies

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Do you have tried to use wi-fi or mobile data to use the app? Sometimes it helps. Or you can also try to add a trip manually. How to add trips manually.

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  1. In My Trip, there should be a switch visible for each journey. You have to tap on that switch to add it to My Pass (or to remove it again). Is that switch visible?
  2. If you check in My Pass, how many travel days are there still left?
  3. Is the travel day for which you want to add a journey, already activated? If not, does tapping the switch mentioned above offer to activate a travel day? If it does, are you online? You need to be online to activate a travel day.
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Is this on iPhone or Android? Which app version? (See More, scroll to the bottom.)

There have been problems on iPhone lately. One person was able to add a journey to My Pass after completely removing the journey from My Trip and then adding it again.