• 8 August 2023
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Hi, I want to take a night train from Krakow to Prague on IC407 and I intend to make a seat reservation first. 


On the eurail app, it says that there is 1 transfer (IC407+ LE1248), but on the CD app, 0 transfer is needed so I can just take IC407. 


Can someone please kindly tell me which one is the correct train journey? 




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CD website is absolute correct. On Interrail maybe if you choose “direct connetions” only (or how it is called there), it might appear as well (but maybe not, I was taking this train in reverse direction in May and in the ÖBB app it also didn’T show it properly...). Book your reservation via CD, it is cheaper for sure.

Okay, thank you for your reply! 


I’ll see what I can do by adding the train manually

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There are three coaches (348 (couchette), 349 (sleeper) and 350 (seats 2nd class)) that are on train IC 407 until Bohumin. There they are coupled with EN 442 later that night.|%C4%8CD:407&rok=2023&lang=en

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My rail planner app shows both the journey with a change and the direct train (taking 7 minutes longer).