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  • 7 April 2024
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I am planning on taking ride on 3. 7. 2024 form Prague (6:38) to London via Köln an Bruxelles, but train between Köln and Bruxelles (EUR 9474) is for Interrail pass holders already sold out. In mobile app I found ICE 12, but on website I can not find it. Can I book seats on and use it with Interrail pass? And if so, why it is not showing up in train times? If not, do I understand it correctly, that I would need to buy full fare and seat reservation for EUR 9474 or ICE 12? Also from my understanding it should be in possible most cases to book reservation through carriers sites? If so, is it better to book seats through or directly from carriers?



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Reservations will be mandatory on Prague-Berlin and Cologne-Brussels. You can book anywhere you like, but cheapest will be via (only €3 per train). Interrail will charge €8 per train.

If you're on time, you can already catch an earlier train from Berlin and catch ICE14 from Cologne but 15 minutes in Berlin is a bit tight.

You train already starts at Praha hl.n., at 6:28, but I don't know which station in Prague is more convenient for you.

What the Interrail website and app are showing is not relevant, since they're not reliable.

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The Cologne - Brussels Eurostar is too expensive : 27€ and passholder quota (annoying).

Here is a general guide about seat reservations :

I might suggest something like this to account for the usual German delays.

  • EC Praha hl.n. - Berlin Hbf 06:28 - 10:42 3€
  • ICE1156 Berlin Hbf - Köln Hbf 11:41 - 15:40 → ideal, without stops so it shouldn’t be too busy (optional reservation for 3€ if you wish)
  • time for a break and to explore the city a bit :)
  • ICE12 Köln Hbf - Bruxelles-Midi 17:41 - 19:35 3€
  • break for security and passport controls
  • Eurostar Bruxelles-Midi - London St. Pancras 20:55 - 21:57 30€ (19:52 isn’t on sale yet it seems)