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  • 10 November 2021
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Hi there,

My qeury is regarding booking a reservation. It is my first time and I want to see an I doing it right. The journey is on the IC407 from Krakow Glowny to Wien HBF on the 3rd of Dec at 10:52pm arrival 7:00am. I plan to use this as a sleeper. So when picking the route the app says reservations start from 4 euro, when I go to book through Interrail option, it only gives me one option for 11 euro? and doesn’t state what I’m actually booking, seat, couchette etc. If I try book to use the other payment option it gives me on the app (PKP website), it’s making me pay for the train ticket along with the bed/seat choice, i found somewhere that said there should be a discount drop down list including interail pass as an option, but not to my avail.?


After doing some research and believe i can book a single couchette for the night through the “polrail” website. It seems quite expensive tho, so i would love to know has anyone booked this route and also what are my best options going forward, booking directly or through interaill? What is cheapest etc.?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

3 replies

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The best way to book this train is via ÖBB: follow this guide step by step. 

Reservations for this train start from 9 EUR for a seat (Interrail says 11 EUR because they charge an extra fee); couchettes or sleepers are more expensive. On 3 December, there are still seats and sleeper compartments available, but no couchettes.

@Nanja, the app gives an incorrect price for the reservations in this train.

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I've flagged it with the relevant team, rvdborgt. Thanks for letting me know! 

@Cathal Compton, the 11 euros is for a second class seat. 

Thank you very much.!!