Most trains say ''prices unavailable'' when booking seat reservations. Would it be possible to board without?

  • 18 May 2022
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Me and my 3 friends are going interrailing for the month of a July. I went online there to reserve our train tickets but mostly all of the trains say “prices unavailable” as it is possible that all pass holder seats are sold out. If a train requires a seat reservation will we still be able to board without paying for the reservation, will our interrailing ticket cover us? We are aware we would possibly be left with no seat but this does not bother us as we just want to ensure we get onto the train. It says on the websight to try booking a train reservation ticket at the train station but being honest we don’t want to rely on that as we are 4 young girls and we do not want to wait until the day to find out if we will be able to board the train or not as it could be sold out on the day as we are going at peak time and we do not want to be stuck in a foreign country we don’t know our surroundings in. So since it won’t allow me to reserve tickets as it’s saying prices unavailable will we still be able to board just with our interailing ticket even if it says seat reservation required  ? I also tried going onto your rail providers websights to try book tickets off there but it won’t allow me to book. Please any help would be appreciated very stressed over this situation 

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To be able to give advice, please give for each train you'd like to book: origin, destination, date and departure time.

Train 1: origin: Berlin gesunbrudden , destination: krakow glowny , date: 7th July , departure time: 13:43

train 2: origin : krakow glowny, destination: Prague hlavni nadrazi , date: 12th July , departure time: 06:59

train 3: origin: Prague hlavni nadrazi  , destination: Budapest- nyugati, date: 15th July , departure time: 13:12

train 4: origin: Budapest kelenfoeld , destination: ljubljana, date: 21st July , departure time: 09:07

train 5: origin : ljubljana, destination: Split date : 23rd July , departure time: 08:30 

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  1. Berlin - Krakow 7/7 13:43 (with a change in Warsaw): book at a station or call DB (+49 30 2970). You can then collect the reservations from a DB ticket machine in Germany. The train Warsaw - Krakow can only be booked 30 days in advance and can then also be booked online via PKP using this guide. This 30 day limit is probably the cause that you don't get a price now. DB can also book the train from Warsaw from 30 days in advance.
    By the way, there's a direct train Berlin - Krakow at 10:35, also bookable via DB (ticket office or phone).
  2. Krakow - Prague 12/7 6:59 (with changes in Katowice and Kolín): can be done online via Czech railways (look up timetable, the click on I want a reservation only), but again only 30 days in advance since domestic trains in Poland are included. Only the 2 first trains need a reservation.
    By the way, there's a direct train at 10:55. Can't be booked yet but 30 days in advance, it should work.
  3. Prague - Budapest 15/7 12:56 (direct; train has been retimed). Can be booked via Czech railways but not yet. Try again later. Should normally be possible 2 months in advance. Should be about 3€.
  4. Budapest - Ljubljana 21/7 9:07 (direct; leaves from Budapest-Déli 9:00, which is closer to the city centre). Reservation is optional. Book at a ticket office in Germany, Poland, Czechia, Hungary.
  5. Ljubljana - Split 23/7 8:30 (with a change in Zagreb): reservation is optional on Ljubljana-Zagreb and can be done at a ticket office, probably in any of the countries your visiting. Zagreb-Split has mandatory reservations. Interrail can do that online but probably only 30 or 60 days in advance and only on paper, which means extra fees. You can book at a ticket office in Germany (4€ per person) or when you arrive in Zagreb (around 1€ per person). I did this journey in August last year (in Zagreb) and that was absolutely no problem.

I'd say there's no need to book a long time in advance and you should generally be fine to book the next journey every time you arrive in the next place, so a few days in advance.

Thank you so much for this information it has really after putting my mind at ease. So basically the reason I can’t reserve seats is because it’s still to early to do so? And how much roughly does it be to reserve a train ticket at the train stations ? 

Hi I have a question, I want to get reservation for 10:45 KRAKOW GLOWNY (Poland) to 17:48

PRAGUE HLAVNI NADRAZI (Czech Republic). where can I get it?  Thx.

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Hi I have a question, I want to get reservation for 10:45 KRAKOW GLOWNY (Poland) to 17:48

PRAGUE HLAVNI NADRAZI (Czech Republic). where can I get it?  Thx.

On, 60 days in advance.