Need help with upcoming Euro trip

  • 3 November 2023
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Good day everyone. I want to ask in behalf of my friend who is travelling to Europe next month. She has purchase her pass and save trips as well but I wondered regarding this saved trip of hers as it didn’t have that activation button at all?hence, I was a bit confused. Thanks for all

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It looks like your friend hasn’t linked the pass to the trip. She can go into the ‘My Pass’ section of the app, and follow the instructions there to link the pass to the trip.

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The activation slider will be visible once the pass has been activated, but the recommendation is to only active the pass just before boarding the first train of the trip.

Your friend can make a test activation with a start date well in the future to see that everything works. 


thank you all so much for the response. will let her know and will ask ??? again if we both get stuck as i can’t remember which is which when i travelled not long ago☺️