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  • 21 September 2021
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Hello everybody,

We would like to travel from Brussels to Sofia (Bulgaria), the trip is 1 day 20 hours and 20 minutes. And during the trip we are crossing Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria (before Sofia). 

My question is : how is it count in travel days ? Does it count as 1 as we go from point A to point B (even with changes) ? does it count as 2 as we have more than 24 hours of travel ? or does it count as 5 as we have 4 changes to arrive ? 

Hope this is clear :) 

Thank you


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Hi Juliette,

I suppose you are speaking of this connection:


So there would be 3 Interrail days required → day 1 for the trip from Brussels. Then day 2 for Vienna->Craiova and day 3 for Craiova->Sofia.

But you can do it with 2 days if you buy single tickets for the stretch Craiova-Sofia.
They are pretty cheap - Craiova to Vidin should be around 26 RON (5 euro) and Vidin-Sofia is like 7 euro… 

Keep in mind that you need reservations for the Brussels-Vienna (14 euro?) and Budapest-Craiova trains (3 euro). So it might be cheaper buying single tickets also for that stretch, depending on how far in advance you book the Brussels-Vienna trip. Check prices on DB and ÖBB websites. Budapest-Craiova is cheapest bought via MAV.

Hi Martin :) 

Thank you for your answer. 

So I understand well, each time you change day you add a travel day ? (taking a train at 19h30 and arriving at 14h00 the next day is count as 2 days) ? 

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Hey Juliette,

well, there are two possible ways:

  • if you take a direct nighttrain, that leaves at 19h30 and arrives next day at 14.00, then you have to fill in only the departure date (e.g. the nighttrain from Vienna to Bucharest would be like that)
  • if you take a nighttrain, that leaves at 19h30, but next day you change your train in the morning (e.g. nighttrain Brussels-Vienna and then daytime train Vienna-Budapest), then you have to fill in two days in your flexi pass.

Hope now it is clear? :)

Hey Martin, 

Yes it’s clear, thank you :)