No connections between Oslo and Stavanger in the app

Hi all, does anyone know why there is no connection from Oslo to Stavanger is shown in the app?

google says there is a train connection.

i am not sure if the global ticket contains this connection? 


Best answer by Felix Grossschaedl 3 July 2022, 22:55

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For making reservation in Norway the best is to call Entur:

To give an answer that is more related to the question: *g*

  1. Pass is valid. Company is GoAhead Nordic.
  2. You didn’t tell, but I assume you’re looking for trains right now? If yes: Their trains rains are running from June 6. You’ll find them in the app, too.

Hope this helps. 



We are looking for the same route in the app to travel in August and it doesn’t appears. Felix, have you made the journey?


Hi Josanru!

I think there should be train connections now from Oslo to Stavanger as they have been working on the rail tracks as I was told.

You should find them on the homepage of Go Ahead Nordics.


in case the rails are still not working: (at least the following is how I got to Stavanger)

-Oslo to Kongsberg (by Bus, rail replacement service, also available on Go Ahed Nordics)

-Kongsberg to Moi (by train with Go Ahed Nordics, the train wouldn’t go any further and the bus was waiting at the train station in Moi, you can’t miss it)

-Moi to Stavanger (by Bus, rail replacement service)


I hope the rails are working again in August!

fingers crossed :-)