Not able to press "continue to traveler details" when booking seat reservations

  • 2 June 2022
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So we are currently trying to reserve the seats needed for our trip in August, but now that we have found, and selected, all the trains and seats, for some reason the button that says “continue to traveler details” can’t be clicked.

We have filled all the boxes that could be filled. This is how it looks:

I have blacked out private information

These are the tickets (seats) we are trying to book:


Does anyone have an idea regarding what we’re doing wrong?

Any help is much appreciated


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This sometimes happens when you try to book multiple trains at once.

By the way, you can save a lot of money by booking the Italian reservations via ÖBB (no 40€ booking fees). Also book one train at a time, do NOT use "Seat only” but add the "Interrail / Eurail” discount to each traveller and then look for normal tickets.

Amsterdam - Paris and Paris - Milan can also be booked by phone via SNCF: press #85 for English, no booking fees (20€ in total here), reservations are sent via email.

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If you are a bit lucky-Normal fares/advance for this Thalys Ams->Par start from 35€ pp and are in summer more available as other times. Save a travelday.

Par→ Milano also has now hi-speed trains from trenItalia-does NOT take passes for this new commercial route-fares start from 29,90, IF you can get them, again a lot cheaper as passday+supplmt.

Perhaps now you´l grasp why this overhyped fly-ashaming and gobytrain has so many hickups&pitfalls that most people give up after a few tries.