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  • 16 May 2024
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I have made seat reservations on OBB and it says that I can download the PDF, but because I have protection on them, if I do that right now, they lose that. What happens if I click to see my tickets on the mobile app? Do they become a scannable ticket in the app or a PDF that I have to print? At first glance, it doesn’t look like any say that it’s required to print them out, but is there a way to make sure? Not all of my tickets are for places within Austria and from what I saw, it’ll be 50/50 if I can print them if I’m not in Austria (at least from an OBB station).


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6 replies

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No idea about the app.

You can show the tickets from your phone (PDFs). Always fine.

However if you download the PDFs you cannot refund them later (strange policy). I usually download them on the day.

@thibcabe Thank you! Hearing that I can use the tickets from my phone is good to know! Do you know if there’s ever a time when I’ll have to have my tickets printed? I feel like by now most places should be okay with an e-ticket but you never know.

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I took a Croatian and a Polish sleeping car this month. Both times, the attendant was pretty cross with me that I didn't have a printed PDF, but were eventually happy with taking a photo of my phone.

The second guy wanted me to create the PDF - he wasn't happy with displaying reservation in the ÖBB app.

@ralderton So, it’ll be 50/50 if they’ll take an e-ticket. The places I’m staying at will most likely have a printer, which should allow me to print them a bit closer to when I take those trains. It sounds like with OBB tickets, I could print them at a station, but from what I’ve seen those can only be found in Austria.

  1. If I were to find a clerk at the train station, would they be able to print them out?
  2. If I were to print them out before the trip and all of my information stayed the same, but timetables shifted, would they still accept it? 

Some of them are already e-tickets, there’s at least one where I’ve been told to print at home. So, I’m going to assume that should be the main one to worry about to have a printout of. 

The major travel I have is: Glasgow to London, London to Toulouse, Toulouse to Zurich, Zurich to Munich, Munich to Vienna, Vienna to Rome, Rome to Milan, and Milan to Frankfurt

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All of those trips should be fine on your phone. It’s only when you get further East that the staff start insisting on paper.

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So, it’ll be 50/50 if they’ll take an e-ticket.

Ralderton only mentioned night trains. For those you should print the PDFs. Otherwise I wouldn't worry at all.