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Hi all,

I have my Eurail ticket and I have downloaded the eurail app. Our trip starts next Sunday 20th May: London-Paris, Paris-Grindelwald, Grindelwald to Chur, Chur to Milan.

Instead of booking seat reservations via the app I have reserved some seating via ‘Rail Europe (London to Paris and then Paris to Basel).   

I now see I can reserve seating via eurail app.  When trying to do so, Grindelwald to Lucerne is ‘paper ticket’.  Is there somewhere I can edit this?  Otherwise it is asking me for the hotel address!!  In fairness, seat reservations are not necessary but it’s Interlaken to Lucerne (scenic route) and just wanted to have seat booked just in case. 

Also, is there an update on the train line from Tirano to Milan Centrale? Can some assure me that it’s a 3 hour journey and is it best to book tickets separately on Trenord/Trenitalia website altogether as Eurail app says it’s a 5 hour journey!

Another thing, on the app on my phone I have a trip called Adventure2024 but when I sign onto to the Eurail website on my PC, I cannot see this trip listed…….weird.

Many thanks





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Reservations in Switzerland are totally unnecessary, no one makes them. Just board the train and find an empty seat. 

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There's no connection between the Railplanner-app and your account on the Eurail website. 

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Indeed nobody books seats in Switzerland, you’ll find seats. Take the earlier train towards Interlaken if you wish but the Lucerne-bound train won’t arrive in Interlaken Ost before xx:55 anyway.

What’s your travel date for Tirano - Milan? There are engineering works on some weekends + from 9th June. Trains are replaced by buses for a section. Not all times have been loaded (yet) on Rail Planner. Follow the timetables published on Trenitalia and add the journey manually on Rail Planner if it’s still missing on the day.

Thank you both @AnnaB and @thibcabe . That’s a great help.

@thibcabe our travel date Tirano - Milan is 24/5/24.  Looks like engineering works are starting early! It’ll be a bus so first and then train according to Trenord/Trenitalia.  I presume the short transfer times will be enough to find our connections.   I’m not usually so nervous - I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Another small thing, so if the train route/time is not listed in the app - is there a video about how to add on manually…??

Thanks P 🌺

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Indeed the works should be on Saturday-Sunday but well why not start on Friday…

Yes the train will wait for the bus.

Actually if I split the search (Tirano - Morbegno and then Morbegno - Milan) I seem to find all connections.

Brilliant, thank you very much @thibcabe.   I’ll work on that basis so.

Great to have this community to link in with. Much appreciated.