Paper seat reservations - can you change your address after booking?

  • 28 September 2022
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Hey all, 

I had some trouble with the booking system for seat reservations. Finally I succeeded in booking my Avignon - Madrid seat reservations (which will take place on 17th of October so in 20 days), but now in the confirmation email I see that the address is incomplete: my house number has somehow disappeared. 

I have contacted support via facebook messenger but they haven’t gotten back to me. (I did receive a ticket number for my question)

My question:  has anyone succeeded in changing address details via contacting support, for paper seat reservations? 

Alternatively:  if they take forever to get back to me, they will already have sent out the paper ticket to the address with a missing house number. Should I just cancel this seat reservation now and hope that I will receive the refund at some point when the paper seat reservation fails to deliver? 


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For next time: call SNCF (with delivery via email) or DB to book a TGV between France and Spain. That's also cheaper than ordering via Interrail.

For now: don't cancel your reservation (that will cost money) and hope for the best. Normally, as long as there is no tracking code in your reservation overview, they haven't been sent yet and they should be able to change the address.

Thanks for your answer. Sadly this didn’t turn out to work, I received the following reply from support: 


Unfortunately, reservations details cannot be changed after the order has been made. After receiving the order or request, Eurail is not able to amend the Reservation.
 Any details provided by the Customer during the reservation process are used to make the Reservation(s) and to provide the Customer with the Reservation Tickets. The Customer is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of this personal information and for selecting the correct travel itinerary and time for which the Customer wishes to make a Reservation.
After the Reservation has been booked and payment has been received, the Reservation Ticket shall be delivered to the Customer. 
In this case, you will have to make a new reservation and share the reservation details with us so that when we receive the old tickets back in our office, we can consider them for a refund.


Just posting this in case people in the future are looking for the same answer. 

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Unfortunately it is not possible for us to change or alter an address after purchase is complete. In this case, please cancel your current reservations in your overview and we will refund these reservations once it is returned to our office. You can make new reservations either via our self-service or, indeed, by calling SNCF on +33 1 84 94 3635. Please remember to press #85 for English assistance.