Reservation for night train IR 407 "Corona"

  • 12 July 2022
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Does anyone know how I could get a reservation for a bed in a single sleeping compartment for the IR 407 "Corona" train between Budapest and Brasov? (this is another route than the Dacia and Ister night trains)

Somewhat to my surprise, the Interrail reservation service is able to book reservations, but only on paper tickets, for which I am a bit too late already (departure 19/07).

I know I can purchase this at the train station in Budapest, but are there any advance options I am missing?



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Besides MAV in HU in theory also any railway that has access to its system (I somehow kind of remember that MAV changed it rather recently, so this is /perhaps is not as str8forward as it once was). Most evident would be OeBB/AT and DB/DE. Or perhaps, if youre really want this very much, try to contact one of these specilaist DE agents who specialize in these type of wishes (Gleisnost or Agentur Lennestadt, maybe some others)

I´ve also read-but there are special railfan forums for that, that this single comprtmt is taken up with gusto and chances to find it free is slim to nil for summer. Unless you simply mean paying for all beds in a compartmt-how they do that with the tickets I dk.