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  • 15 November 2021
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Are there some magic words that you can say to train employees that help them understand the pass and it’s discounts? 

I was just in a French station and they wanted 40eu for two people to take a 20 minute high speed train trip. I have always paid 20eu even to take a 4 hour high speed train. 

when I was in Spain I could see their computer screen and apparently there are 20 different passes they can choose from. 

I tried to tell the lady in the station today that it was a Eurail pass but she had no interest in seeing the details. 

As a result we are wasting a few extra hours take slow trains today. 



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If you book in advance you get the reservation for 10€ in France. If there are only some seats left, you pay 20€. 

If you stay in the TGV for 20 Minutes or for 8 hours, the price for the reservation is the same. You’re not paying the distance, but only the reservation service. 

Please check before taking a TGV or an other train with compulsory reservation, if there are local trains to avoid them. In local trains you don’t need a reservation.