Reservation Milan - Zurich - what is the difference between 2nd class and 2nd class priority?

  • 13 August 2022
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I wanted to book 3 seats from Milano to Zurich (13€ pp)

Now I have the option to choose between 2nd class or 2nd class priority. 

Can somebody explain the difference to me?

Screenshot is attached.

Thank you! 


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5 replies

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I am sorry, did I write you a personal message? I didnt mean to. I thought it would be an open question, availabel for everyone. Now I am confused. 

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No. I am tagging Angelo as he is an expert on Italian trains.

Ohhh haha okay thank you. Sorry I was a little confused! Thanks

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Whilst unable to explain the differences I suggest you check which is showing the res cost for 2nd class as 11 euro (No fee).

Add discount to each adult for interrail/Eurail (instructions elsewhere on community) and it shows the price.

Instant purchase and e mail ticket for printing.