Reservation needed or not on German trip (Nightjet or IC)

  • 27 May 2022
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Hello Interrail community,

I am a bit confused on how to manage reservations for a Nantes-Copenhagen trip on the 08-09 July.
The trip relies on a Offenburg (00:41) - Duisburg (06:40) section that is referenced as both a nightjet (NJ) or intercity train (IC).
From, it seems the NJ is not available for 4 persons anymore :


If I search for the whole trip on the planner (Nantes>Copenhagen), it indicates the Offenburg-Duisburg section requires reservation. (I think it considers the NJ reference, that is considered a night train that requires reservation)

If I only search for the Offenburg-Duisburg section, the planner indicates no reservation is needed (it seem it considers the IC reference, that does not require a reservation)


My question is then rather simple : is a reservation needed on the Offenburg-Duisburg night IC train ?
If I choose not to book a reservation, do I have to enter manually the Offenburg-Duisburg section on my mobile Pass ? (as for now it only shows this section with a “Seat reservations required” indication)

Thank you in advance for your guidance.


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No need to fill that much of space-its all known. This is a COMBO train= the beds and some compartmt seats are as NJ=MUST reserve, the other seats in a few other cars are run as IC and REServ is optional. Strangely it is not possible (as otherwise without a hiccup) via seat only, but you have to use the more cumbersome way via OeBB (seat in IC-part is then 3€-if you are determined to need to have it). You need a new travelday for the rest of trip to Danmark.

Instead of DUI I would strongly advice you-unknowing Francais, to leave this train at DUsseldorf (15 mins before) as DUI is about the worst of the worst big stations in DE-the next train follows all same route.

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@Romain Guilbaud 

You may catch from Offenburg a direct IC/NJ to Hamburg instead of the detour to Düsseldorf/Duisburg.

On the combined trains you have to decide if you wanna travel in a seating carriage (can be reserved via for 8€ for up to 5 travelers but is not compulsory but highly recommened)
or if you wanna have a nice sleep and get a berth in couchette or sleeper carriage
These are reservation compulsory and can be reserved via (dont use the seat only option when reserving beds on Nighttrains and follow this manual)