Reservation Seat in Spain is a Problem

  • 3 November 2021
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Hello,  I start my interrail journey tomorrow, but I'm facing a problem with seat reservations in Spain. I called +34 912320320, but was informed that it was only possible to make a reservation at the station. I arrive in Spain Seville at 7.00 am and would like to take the train at 7.45 am but I cannot make a reservation by phone. And they told me the train was almost full there were only 4 seats. 

7 replies

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RENFE are a pain, especially when it comes to making reservations. I understand it is RENFE's own decision that other distributors aren't allowed anymore to sell Interrail reservations:

Especially the Norwegians make it very clear that RENFE itself is the source of the reservation problems.

The only possibility to do it from abroad is by phone but you have to do that at least 24 hours before departure. Was that the case here?

@Nanja, is there any chance RENFE will become a bit less passenger-hostile and allow other distributors to sell Interrail reservations again?

Thanks for the attention, Yes I've been trying to contact them but it's been difficult, first attempt I went to 10.24.2021 for booking, to start planning everything, then they said I would receive it by email until today I haven't received anything from this first attempt on 10.24.2021 , I have I tried to contact them through the website's help channel, I was always advised to call the reservation line, today 11/03/2021 I called the reservation number and nothing done, now I'm at the moment that I have all the reservations for places in the trains from other countries, hotel reservations and attractions.  And Renfe have nothing.

Une Question? Is necessary I contact a Lawyer to see this situation resolved? Because I have hotels, attractions and seats reservations in trains in  different Countries but in Renfe don't have any response.

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I doubt if any lawyer can do a lot here. RENFE do not read messages in this forum and they only offer reservation by phone and via their own ticket offices and apparently that's how they want it.

You're already starting tomorrow, so there's not much that can be done now. Otherwise you could search for a RENFE agent in Portugal, for example.

Do try to get a reservation at the first Spanish station where you can go to the ticket office. If that fails, ask the train staff and explain (in a friendly way) that it was impossible to get a reservation from abroad because RENFE stopped selling reservations outside of Spain.

Thanks for the attention 

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The Sevilla station is a reasonable size - unlike chaotic Madrid Atocha. You might be able to get in line and do your business - but I doubt they are open that early. Just pay out of pocket the first day. 

These rail passes have a number of caveats. EG there may be seats available but not for pass holders. 

Thank you for the attention. But I've already managed to board the train.