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  • 29 November 2021
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Hello everyone, everything good?

I'm having trouble reserving my seats.

I will arrive in Barcelona on December 21st of this year, I need to take a train to Madrid on the same day and back to Barcelona on the 24th of the same month. I cannot make reservations over the internet.

The same is happening for my journey from Barcelona to Paris on December 30th. From what I understand, trains departing from Spain need to be booked at the station, my fear is to arrive there on December 21st and not have any more seats for the trip, I already have a hotel and Eurail Global Pass reserved.

Can you help me? How should I proceed? Do you believe I will get seats for the trips I mentioned?

Thank You! 


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Barcelona to Paris almost impossible as currently just one train per day with limtied seats for Railpassholders (maybe take the slower Route via Portbou/Cerbere - Perpignan and then within France a Highspeedtrain to Paris )

Spain is quite hard :/ You can try to reserve via SNCB or DB as these days are a popular traveldates and once more on RENFE the seats are limited :/ It will be very difficult and you have to stay flexible.
@rvdborgt  posted severaltimes here how to Contact SNCB and DB :)

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OR: simply forget that pass-as there is also a quite high supplement to pay anyway.
try the new low-cost hi-speed trains in ES; qui-go or avlo and check what.

Its just true that ES/RENFE does not really like those free riding Interrailers.