seat resarvation requierd in Italy?

Hi, we are travelling with a family (teenagers from 19. 18 and 16). From Milano - Turino, the app tells us that we need a seat reservation for a 1-hour journey. Is that correct? Or can we jump into the train?



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It is probably correct but you didn't give any train details.

There are also reservation-free trains taking 1 hour and 40 minutes.

9.58 - 10.48 uur Milaan Centrale - Turijn FR 9712

woensdag 26 juli



8.50 - 9.45 uur Turijn porto susa - Milaan Garib FR 9311


Zaterdag 29 juli


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Yes, those trains have a mandatory reservation of €13 per person.

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Reservation-free trains:

And the return:

If you have a flexipass, it may not be worth using a travel day for.