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  • 10 June 2022
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Dear all,

For our trip Brussels Malaga with 2 children and 2 adults we have managed to book all seat reservations now, however we had to use all different channels (DB Reiseservice, sncf hotline, our extended family in Spain going to the train station…). Thanks for all the super advice already here on the community which helped a lot.

I still have one issue though as the reservation done through sncf have spelling mistakes (f instead of s 2x in my family name and the one of the kids). Basically one could still deduct that it’s us, but it’s not the same. Does anybody have a recent experience whether this is being controlled? Shall I contact sncf to cancel and re-issue?





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3 replies

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In my experience they never controled that strict the name on the reservations :/ Most important was that the name on Passport/ Id Card match with the name of the Railpass. but even that were only checked few times on my journey´s :)

You could ask the conductor before boarding or at a french ticket office to be sure.

Thanks, I guess we’ll have to use our charms in case of issues.

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IF they are checked at all the REServ slips it is at entry to some stations (mostly where that trainstarts, like Paris_Lyon) and if the code works-its fine and thats all. I was not even asked to show the Pass-ticket (paper) last time, even though the REServ slip (for couchette) told them that should be. I have now used a 10 day pass again and never was asked to show ID etc-though funnily apparently DB has ordered its staff to do that all the time when I use the 9€ ticket.