Seat Reservation Night Train Zuerich - Amsterdam - can't book. Can I just board?

  • 17 July 2022
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I’ve bought a interrail pass to go on Vacation to Italy. My plan was to take a night train from Amsterdam to Zuerich and use the same connection to go back. The train is run by the Night Jet as well as by the DB as an IC connection. I wanted to book the seat reservation but for both trains, the option was not available anymore. However, when I tried to book on the Deutsche Bahn app, the trains were available without any seat reservation necessary. Is it necessary to even buy a seat reservation for these trains then, if they would also be considered IC connections that apparently do not require a seat reservation? 

I really wanna take the night train connections as those are the fastest and most convienent. Could I just board the train then without making a seat reservation? 

I hope someone can help! 

And thanks in advance!! :-) 


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!! Profile sagt du bist DE-dann gilt ja die Homecountry rule-IM Heimland darf mann nur 2 tage Pass nutzen. Dann blockiert pass wenn es mehr as 2 wird.

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Like mcadv says, if your home country on the pass is Germany you will use a inbound/outbound day for this trip because the train goes via Köln and Frankfurt to Zürich. You have only 2 days that you can use in your country.

For the IC Amsterdam-Zürich. Yes, reservation is optional. You have to book only a reservation if you want with the seat only option on (4,50€) or also possible via (3€).