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  • 13 August 2021
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I am traveling from Amsterdam to Frankfurt and I see on the app that is says reservation remommened. Do I reserve on the app or is it thru a diferente site? Do I really need to reserve? Traveling next monday morning have 1st class global pass and we are 4 people.


4 replies

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You can reserve via Railplanner 🙂 or cheaper via or their app DB Navigator :)

DB charges 5,60€ per Journey and person 🙂 so if you go further than Frankurt you can reserve the entire way 🙂 for example Munich or Vienna

Railplanner charge per train/pers :)

The reservation is optional but as amsterdam is quite popular the train might be full :/


Great, thanks for the tip!! @seewulf seewulf


Would you use these same sites to reserve seat from Zurich to Paris?


I'm currently in the ICE from Amsterdam to Frankfurt and I'd definitely recommend a reservation, even 1st class is almost full.