Seat reservation ticket- is the seat reservation separate from the Eurail ticket?

  • 21 May 2023
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Hi I will be travelling to France from UK next week with the interrail pass and going on a number of trains that have mandatory seat reservations (Eurostar, TGV).  I made all the seat reservations that are needed separately via other providers.  I now have completely separate pdf tickets for the seat reservations. I just want to check that when I board the train I will therefore need to show my interrail ticket (with the relevant journeys added) that I will generate on the interrail app before I board the train AND the seat reservation which will be a separate document. 

  1. My understanding is that the seat reservations, as booked directly with other providers, will not show up in the interrail app- they are completely separate?  Is that right?
  2. Can the seat reservation be a printed out paper document?  


Thank you for your help.


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Hi, seat reservations are never linked with the pass or the app. If you buy via app, you look only on the Eurail website in the app. No connection between app and reservations.

The app is your train ticket, the reservations are for the seat.

You can print out reservations. You will get them as PDF. Except for trains where reservations are send by postal service.